Artwork Requirements

Remember the old saying ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’.

To get a good quality print relies on good quality artwork and it’s resolution.

The higher the resolution the better the reproduction. At Big River Print Wear the minimum resolution for artwork is 300dpi.

There are two types of images used in creating artwork, Raster and Vector. The best images for print reproduction are Vector.

Vector file types include:

  • .ai    – Adobe Illustrator,
  • .eps – Encapsulated PostScript,
  • .pdf – Portable Document Format &
  • .svg – Scaleable Vector Graphics.

Big River Print Wear prefers to work with Vector Images as .ai, .eps, .pdf or .svg.

A Vector Image looks like this:



The Raster file types include:

  • .jpg – Joint Photographic Experts Group,
  • .gif – Graphics Interchange Format,
  • .png – Portable Network Graphics &
  • .tif – Tagged Image File Format

A Raster Image looks like this:


Big River Print Wear can use these file types, however, they need to be converted to Vector Images for print production. This is a value added service that we provide to our customers. We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to minimise the cost of converting Raster Images to Vector Images.

Big River Print Wear prefers not to work with scanned or poor quality artwork, read only .pdf files or artwork in programs like Word or PowerPoint.  These file types will incur artwork costs to rectify or prepare them for the print process.

Big River Print Wear also reserves the right to refuse to print artwork that is offensive or discriminatory in anyway.

Any artwork sent through to Big River Print Wear must be no larger than 7mb.